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25 Animal 3D Money Shoot
Sunday, February
25, 2018
Entry Fee $20  Payback 50% of Entry Fee
Start Time 8:30 AM
Adult 15-49 years old & Senior over 50
Traditional: Real Wood Arrows
Recurve/Longbow: All Conventional Arrows
Bowhunter: Compound Fixed Pins 12" Max Stabilizer
Freestyle: Compound or Olympic Recurve with movable sight
Known Distance, All Styles and ages in one class
Females and kids 14 and under, entry fee $10 with no payback
Females that want Payback, Entry Fee is $20
Payback calculated using ASA payback chart


Congratulations to Gold Coast Member Joe Loureiro
FAA Shooter of the Year 2017

is in progress.......

Look out for emails detailing when work parties will be scheduled to clear out the shooting lanes. Any and all help will be appreciated. If you have chain saws or any other equipment you believe will be helpful, please bring it along.

Work parties will be scheduled as time permits.

The range is open, but limited as to where lanes are safe to shoot.



Club shirts or other things with the club logo can be purchased from Logo Up
To place an order, go to the Website:,
Enter Stitch order number (26167) in the customer comment box.
Call 1-800-321-5646 with any questions.


The Gate Code changes every 3 months.
January 1st - April 1st - July 1st - October 1st
Watch for the Email Notices prior to these changes.
Follow this link to the Florida Archery Foundation website
for updates on everything archery in Florida
Safety note to all archers.........
It is specifically against NFAA rules to draw your bow above horizontal... it's also against NAA rules. The practice of drawing a bow up in the air is unsafe, and many archers do it due to heavy poundage or simply out of bad habit. Pushing the bow out with the bow arm... or better yet, pushing it slightly downward... can assist in drawing it back. One arrow loosed high in the air and killing or damaging property three blocks away can set our sport back for years... much less ruin the day of the individual with the bow and the individual harmed by it!


Gold Coast Archers Club, located in Palm Beach County Florida, has flourished for over 20 years. We are a non-profit private archery range, that offers 12 acres of Field and FITA practice ranges starting with distances from 10 yards to 100 yards, a Field Course, a 3-D practice and 3-D tournament range. We do not hold classes, provide lessons, or provide equipment, but with a membership, you are granted 100% access to the range with a gate lock combination and year round accessibility from dawn to dusk. We have picnic tables and outdoor facilities. Our practice target range offers a covered canopy for shade while shooting. By being a member of Gold Coast Archers, you can access our news letters informing you of the latest events and other exciting news. Gold Coast Archers also holds a monthly 3D shoot during the cooler months, along with USA Archery tournament shoots, and Regional and State Tournament Shoots.
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